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Would you pay for poor work?

It’s been a while and I’m sorry. I have been practicing new retouching techniques. Well, they aren’t new but they’re new to me. Right now, I am improving skin, hair and clothing retouching. I have been practicing on old work, I will be revamping my port (on MM, Behance and where ever else I posted my work!) with my updated work and deleting my old work. The reason why I am doing this is because I haven’t had any paid work and I believe that it’s because of my competition. For one, they are charging way below the amount I would charge for a retouch and even though their work isn’t very good, they’re getting more work than I am. How do I know this? I talk to a few on skype. Apparently, people would rather pay a cheap price for poor work then pay a reasonable price for excellence (that’s right, I said it!). Now, there are really great retouchers out there getting work but their work is amazing, way better than my work. I don’t want to go down on my prices in order to get paid work so I’d decided to improve my work to gain better clients, clients who will pay for quality work! Hopefully my plan will work out for me in the end. I will post links to my updated work as soon as I have uploaded everything. Until then, Chow!

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To bliss or not to bliss.. is that really a question?

Welcome to my blog. Warning, I am not a writer so of course there will be many errors on my blog so just feign ignorance if you come across any, thanks.

Also, I do not know how to use wordpress, looks easy enough..  just type and press enter right? Hmm.. gotta think about titles too and upload stuff. I can do this!

Soon, I will be updating this with drabble and artwork. Yes, another one of those blogs. Enjoy it while it lasts, the silence I mean. You know, you being able to think properly, because after awhile my work will drive you either mad or full of wonder (which will cause you to think alot or out loud). Perhaps you will be curious enough to see where I’m going and come back for more. Perhaps not, but  how ever you feel I hope that you will leave me feedback on whatever I post. I believe that ignorance is bliss but I’ve been living in bliss long enough.

Until then, I will see you on the other side.


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